Digital Fast - The Nature's Call for Synergy

The orientation of universe is outlined on the principle of cyclic progression.There is always a counter part of a cause and you can’t make home-runs all through the time.You have to face strikethroughs more than home-runs sometimes and the way to get along with it is to analyse the counter part of your training and rectifying what is missing or has scope for improvement.The ultimate aim is to bring it to your notice about the advent of digitizationThe Firm StartNow if you analyse the major source of digitization is of mere importance until we accept the truth of its cause.There would have been no smartphones if there were no cell phones.Yes the two are different.The difference lies in the reality and virtuality. The modern day smartphones has a lot to do virtual keypads,memory,cameras...and so on.The very first cell phone had operational capacities limited to calling and messaging.

The positive outlookDigitization is a boon for society.It is a source of networking and connecting acros…

The Mental Eclipse on Technology

The title is a contradiction to many blogs you might have read ! The ultimate idea behind this topic is to reveal the nuances of what we face each day but are unaware of or never thought about in this regard.So Eclipse in simple and scientific terms is observed when an object takes shadow of another in space(particularly). Humans have a keen interest in worldly features but mostly fail when it comes to self introspection.We believe more on what we see over what we feel. This blog will be an amalgamation of technical and psychological one.
Ignition of Startup in the Mind?The world we reside in currently is not just 21st century but it is actually 21 times advanced in terms of basic necessities and technology is ever growing since the advent of startup, business, stock exchanges(building IPOs), real-estate development and self sufficient machines.The advancements have contagious effects on human efforts and will surely replace human by machines.The major concern is the side-effects being…

Precision and Accuracy

Hi there ! The frame of reference in this blog is way beyond mathematical computation and references.The primary objective is to rejuvenate the significance of both these words in our life.From google to apple, facebook to microsoft, from space to earth the scope of these terms are way beyond expectations.From getting science to scientific you can feel a sense of these terms maybe?Well if we move to a greater aspect apart from the old school track (just considering physical and mathematical meaning) we will get to feel the gravity of these expressions.
Skip over to the best combination traits between precision and accuracy.The formal precision and accuracyScientifically precision- is closeness to one or more values within a data-set while accuracy- is closeness to a given scientific selected value.Precision and accuracy are independent of each other.A data-set may be precise but inaccurate.The scope of operation of these terms is way beyond science.From real life experiences our daily …

Times of India-the 25th hour?


The “Growth Mindset”

The mindset of an individual is a measure of his perception and is altogether a different world.Current scenario being the greatest source to analyse large periodic shifts and variations among the humans.The simplest case can be observed in varying personal decisions and beliefs at individual level.The Competing recession and depression rates says it all about the mindset of larger section of society.This blog will analyse technological variation of human mindset, its consequences and ways of fueling it.The study of human mindset is unsupervised and distinct even at individual levels.We can gives a thought about something in a million different ways! But the thought we implement to accomplish a task or may be accept something builds what is called the mindset.
The world of individual mindset becomes a vicious circle of misleading thoughts when an individual loses control over personal approvals.This is gross.The aim behind this blog is to picturize the brighter side of the mindset amid…